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XL size now in H&M standard range !

The first XL (20-22) sized items were hidden in the winter collection. They are far more numerous in the spring collection and that is so great. For two reasons. First, and this is one of the reasons why I’m blogging here, it is important that a popular brand like h&m can be size friendly. I mean, real life women come in all sizes from mini to maxi. So I say bravo to h&m for having a size standard that better reflects reality as it is. It’s already difficult to find nice clothes when you are over size 14 (at least in France where I live, I know the high street is not that elitist in UK for example) but if you have to hide in a special “+size” corner to buy clothes (not even trying here to talk about special “destructured” designs for + sizes)… What to say…

 Cet article est également disponible en français ici >>>

Bravo h&m ! Second, I like to wear my tops a bit oversized (and being L sized, I need some extra room to breathe at ease).

So, let’s rejoyce ! I have put up 3 looks, no, 5 looks with XL sized items (that are also available in usual sizes of course).

This first look mixes the stripes combo trend with an eyelet top (an essential item in my spring summer wardrobe), boho fringed earings end a grey cardigan (even more essential for any season).

Trousers, top, cardigan, shoes and earrings H&M

For the second look, I chose leopard print plus a pop of yellow color. That is working so well and you have maybe guessed already that yellow will be in my summer palette 🙂 In addition, another grey cardi (darker). Two grey cardigans in my wardrobe are a minimum (with two pairs of jeans and two breton shirts but that will deserve another post). The white message tee complements this well (and even better as the quote echoes to wildlife print).

Skirt, tee-shirt, cardigan, shoes and necklace H&M

A third look, just in case you don’t own similar items yet (I have similar ones).

Trousers, top, coat, shoes and umbrella H&M

And last but not least, a sunny time and a chic party outfit. In short, I like the variety of the items in XL size and could find at least 5 outfits that totally please me. Thank you H&M.

Dress, pompom mules, glasses, striped PJs style top and trousers, black mules and earrings H&M

Voilà, I hope you liked these looks and that they gave you styling ideas, whatever you size is. Do not hesitate to leave a comment to tell me what outfit you preferred.

Oh, to find more XL sized items on, you need to use the “filter” tool. Choosing XL will show items in sizes 20, 22 and XL. You know it all!

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