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Orla Keily’s home


The Internet has been featuring Orla Keily’s designs for a while now. I even have a full board on Pinterest that is inspired by mid-century design and where you will find a few pictures of her home. A complete article was published on Dwell. But, I still needed some amount of real paper to welcome her in my own home, on my bookshelves. Thus I picked her book “Home”.

 Cet article est également disponible en français ici >>>

At first, I was surprised when I first opened it. I thought it would be full of Orla Keily stuff. Yes, there is a significant amout of pattern inside but, only a few chapters for her designs and home…


Instead of her portfolio, Orla Kiely shares her inspiration sources here, what she loves – like these paintings, prints and objects bellow. That makes the book even more precious.

Off course, you’ll find little bits of her own home (what a pleasure to sneak in).

There is even a full page of her patterns (not mentioning all the objects she designed).

On top of that, and I’d say most of all, there are 12 other mid-century houses, presented in detail. That made me understand a lot. In particular, I understood why her universe is so meaningful to me. Here are a few examples of these pages that were almost a revelation to me. Until then, I had never questioned what laid behind her decoration choices.

And now, I’m feeling like getting her other book in its new edition (simply called “pattern”) and to go see her upcoming exhibition in London…

Wanting to meet that lady so much. Source: Manchester finest

Until then, I’m feeling like adding a few things to my decoration (well, it’s not just decor, it’s useful too, isn’t it ?).
















Source of featured image: Dwell

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