How to compose your spring palette

Having a color palette in mind for drawing or for shopping, is already 50% of the choices made (if not more). Not only, does it give you a framework but it also frees some mind space for attention to details (and I love paying attention to details). I told myself I should share about it and that was one of the main ideas around re-launching a blog (we will discuss other palettes later).

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My spring palette is thus useful in many ways: it helps choosing the seasonal part of my wardrobe, modifying the decoration at home, buying flowers, drawing patterns… It is so useful that you may unconsciously (or not) already have a spring palette. In order to know, let’s go to your closet (or to anywhere you have stored your spring clothes). Put aside everything neutral (black, grey, white, off-white, beige or any shade of brown). That’s it. What’s left ?

  • Option 1, not much: a pink sweater and a pair of yellow flats. That’s a good start. Check your favorite websites for patterns that would match with these two. Again, let aside neutral tones.
  • Option 2, many things but you don’t clearly identify a color palette. Is there a favorite outfit in there ? Not a formal one, a casual one. Or one favorite printed piece (that could be enough to find a palette).

From there, select 3 or 4 colors. That’s your palette.

If I take myself as an example, I do have a favorite spring outfit: a cobalt blue chino, a printed orange top with tiny green flowers and nude derbies. I also have a cobalt blue shirt with orange, rose and green flowers…

Here is the resulting palette for me:

You’ll notice two complementary strong colors (cobalt blue and orange) and two soft (green) or very soft (pink) colors.

Then, you’ll have to check whether it “works”. Go check your favorite shopping sites and see what comes out. My first check let me with these 3 patterned pieces (and a few plain ones):

Boden Winter 2017-2018
La Redoute Spring 2018
Violeta by Mango Winter 2017-2018











That is a selective palette. That means I had to drop a lot of items that I found lovely but what remained was totally to my taste. I imagined them with what I wear all the time: the skirt with a navy top or a denim shirt: OK. The goldfish top with jeans: OK. The floral top with black trousers and a grey cardigan: OK too. Palette validated. I used it to propose you the “seasonal palette” part of that shopping.

Now, I need to see what I do for my spring home decoration and use it for creation. Do you feel like using that palette too ? If yes, just please leave a comment with your findings or creations. I’d also be curious to see your own spring palette !

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